Caliber- 5.56 nato
Barrel Length- 16″
Overall Length-26.5″
Length of Pull-15.5″
Weight- 7 lbs 10 oz
Trigger Weight- 4 lbs 1oz
Trigger- PSA custom single stage match (3.5 lbs)
Optic- Primary Arms 1x SLX
Stock- Sickle with a 1 inch UTG optics riser
Misc Parts List-
  • Smith Tactics Lightning bolt release
  • Reap flat face trigger
  • CMMG Zeroed ambi mag release
  •  Drew Meyer Defense Talon hand stop
This set up has become one of our all time favorites here at the shop! The Dissent has been a great platform for us and has never skipped a beat, by far one of our smoothest shooting builds to date. Although it puts out a little more gas through the chamber than some of the others it has a very responsive snappy feel to it.
I personally use this rifle with a Pulsar thermal and a YHM suppressor for varmit hunting which has proven to be very effective. Great mobility and consistant accuracy!
Reap Weaponries
Reap Weaponries