About Us

Reap Weaponries

At Reap Weaponries our mission is to create a high-quality bullpup attachment for the AR 15. We are faithful to providing a reliable and modular product that customers will respect and value


The team’s traditional values gained from our agricultural, hunting and manufacturing backgrounds help us stay honorable to the products we sell


Our goal is that the customer will reap the benefits of the platform that Scy offers

Reap Weaponries introductory product, the Scy, offers a compact and versatile accessory that can be adapted to the majority of rifles that utilize the AR-15 platform. Our products have many potential uses, from shooting sports and hunting, to personal defense and law enforcement

Our Products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the Upper Midwest. We are committed to durability, reliability, and  local sourcing of materials, parts, and manufacturing partners. All products are manufactured to strict tolerances and rigorous quality control procedures.