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Building on decades of R&D, war, and commercial adoption, the REAP Scy taps into the vast and robust ecosystem of the AR-15/M4/m16, allowing you to build your ultimate rifle.

The SCY Kit allows for use of tried and true AR15 style uppers and lowers of various lengths and calibers, giving you all the benefits of a Bullpup without any of the flaws. The only limit is your creativity.

Rearward balance and a more compact package have several benefits:

  • Shorter Overall Length compared to a traditional AR15 setup
  • Maintain benefits of a longer barrel
  • Less fatigue while in a shooting position
  • Ability to effectively control the weapon downrange 1 handed while holding a dog, helping a teammate, manipulating doors, ATAK displays, etc.
  • Shooter-centric weight balance allows for faster transitions, easier control

Use Bufferless or Buffered AR uppers for Ultimate Modularity:

-Bufferless options including the PSA Jakl, Brownells BRN-180, CMMG Dissent, Foxtrot Mike FM15, and more, allow for extremely compact rifles with a length of pull of just 14.5” when utilizing the Sickle stock.  This means a 16” barreled SCY Bullpup build has roughly the same overall length as an 11” AR15, *without being considered an SBR (depending on state).

-Buffered uppers work as well, and when utilizing the optional Stave compact stock system, have a length of pull of just 15.7”, opening up an almost limitless pool of options and calibers.

Incredible Trigger Feedback:

Using our reliable, rigid, and low-friction trigger bar system, we can overcome the greatest flaw of Bullpups: poor triggers. Our system adds less than 1 pound of pull, while maintaining most of the sharpness and feel of your chosen AR trigger.

*Length of pull: the distance between the trigger and the back center of the butt plate or recoil pad on a rifle.  The average length of pull for an AR-15 is 13 inches

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Package includes

  • 1x Scy
  • 1X Hardware pack
  • 1x Mounting block
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The Scy brings the AR-15 platform into the bullpup fighting ring with complete modularity and adaptability. We designed our product around the Mil-Spec lower receiver and standard sized, M-LOK, KeyMod™, and similar handguards. The Scy allows for an adaptable bullpup configuration that can be tailored to a shooter’s needs, using both buffered and bufferless upper receivers. With the Scy system the sky is the limit, many configurations can be built with this system varying overall length, length of pull, caliber preference, barrel length, receiver style, trigger weight, weight distribution/balance, grip preference, stock preference and  rail space for accessories.

The Scy can be built in a bufferless configuration using our Sickle stock system, giving the consumer a 14.5″ Length of pull.

Popular options are the Foxtrot Mike FM15, Brownells BRN-180, CMMG Dissent, PSA Jakl. These options give you choices for charging style, barrel length and operating systems, allowing for rifle and SBR combinations as well as multiple caliber options.

The Scy can also be built using buffered upper receivers in conjunction with our Stave stock system for a 15.75″ length of pull.

Building the Scy with a buffered systems opens the door to exchange calibers and utilize more commonly available parts and components. The Scy is recoil rated up to 50 Beowulf and can handle big bore recoil. With mil-spec parts the door is open to build long range or short range set ups and be able to exchange between multiple upper receivers with the take down pin mounting system.

Other shortened buffer stock options can be found on a PDF file on our media page.

  • M-LOK, KeyMod™ compatible
  • Ability to be set up ambidextrous
  • Uses mil-spec components
  • Weight- 12 ounces
  • Relocates the trigger interface 9 ¾” forward
  • 13.5″ Length of pull the the rear of the lower receiver with no stock system attached
  • Linear trigger system
  • Designed for all mil-spec lowers with a removable trigger guard
  • Less than 1 lb. trigger weight added
  • Recoil rated for up to .50 Beowulf
  • All components made in the USA
  • Adjustable to fit aftermarket triggers
  • Improves mobility and weight distribution
  • AR15 modularity remains open
  • Sleek snag mitigated design
  • All internal components are CNC machined held to strict quality standards
  • All units are assembled and tested by hand prior to shipping
  • Lifetime warranty on all components

*Revised to accept the Gen 3 P-Mag*

*Revised to accept more trigger options, increased room for trigger adjustment*

*Firearm Not Included*

*This product is NOT recommended to be installed or used with an 11 inch or shorter barrel*

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 2 in

Curved, Flat

Grip (Optional)

Die Free CO Kung Fu (BLK) (+$15), Die Free CO Kung Fu (FDE) (+$15), Die Free CO Kung Fu (ODG) (+$15), None

2 reviews for The Scy

  1. Christopher Curtis (verified owner)

    The Scy is exactly what the description said it it. It’s not some flexible piece of crap. I do wish they would make a all metal one though. The trigger is crisp but don’t buy a flat CMC type. It will not work. Also you may end up shaving some of the poly down for a upper to fit. Not a big deal. Oh and a Gen 3 PMAG won’t work either. It’s that numb on it that keeps it from sliding all the way in. For a one size fits all kit these minor issues are not that big of a deal. I recommend this product and hope for more versions of this (maybe metal) to come out in the future.

  2. Joseph Fletcher III (verified owner)

    The polymer on The Scy is excellent, similar in quality and feel to a Glock lower. I must have an updated version because I can use Gen 3 PMAGS. For my build, I used an Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 lower receiver, CMMG lower parts kit, CMMG Ambidextrous Magazine Catch, Geissele SSA-E Trigger, and a FM Mike 15 Gen 2 as an upper receiver. For a cheek rest, I used Magpul XTM Enhanced Rail Panels to cover over the picatinny. With the 16-inch barrel, my bullpup is slightly over 26-inches in length and at 6 1/2-pounds (unloaded), it is the lightest bullpup in my collection.

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